Romo is Officially an Elite QB

I’ve been a critic of Tony Romo and the Dallas Cowboys but they came to play. They are blowing out the Saints right now and quote me right now…Tony Romo is an elite NFL QB. I’ve always thought of him to be great but never elite because he couldn’t win ANY big game.

He has tonight barring a massive collapse. The first monkey is off Romo’s back, so now it’s time to possibly win the division.


One thought on “Romo is Officially an Elite QB

  1. JFein

    Call me a fan of a rival team, but one regular season game does not make a QB elite, even if it is spoiling an undefeated season. Romo does have good games, today was one of them, but being an elite QB involves making the playoffs and leading your team to a playoff win(s), none of which today’s game accomplished. A win today merely prevented them from having to scoreboard watch every other NFC game from now until the end of Week 17.


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