Fire Jim Mora: Longsnapper Edition

It’s been nearly a full 24 hours since that debacle at Qwest Field and Jim Mora still hasn’t been fired. Oh well, Mora is trying his hardest to be an irritant by continuing to blame anyone and anything that isn’t himself. Our longsnapper Kevin Houser was injured yesterday and he was hospitalized with a collapsed lung. I really hope he’s okay and recovers well.

Does anyone want to take a punt (when I typed this up at first I didn’t recognize the pun here) at who our backup was? I’d have to think it’s someone strong, capable of blocking for at least 2 seconds, and can snap the ball 7-10 yards back for FGs and punts.

The answer to this question is backup DB and noted secondary liability Kelly Jennings.

The ludicrousness of this situation doesn’t stop. Mora said today that:

“Goodness sakes, it is exasperation,” Mora said of that situation. “To believe that we could actually be at the point where our backup right corner is long snapping for us.

“I say to myself, ‘How did this happen?’ Our backup long snapper is Kelly Jennings. You can draw your own conclusions from that statement right there. I am going to coach the guys as hard as I can that are here and they’re going to play as hard as they can.”

Mora said he thinks the Bucs were caught off guard by Jennings’ first attempt and was glad he didn’t have to use him again after the opponents had time to prepare.

“I was very reluctant to punt again because I didn’t want them to just tee off on him,” Mora said. “You know, he’s 172 pounds dripping wet. Not your prototypical long snapper in the National Football League.

“God forbid we would have had to try a field goal.”

Actually, Jennings said fullback Owen Schmitt and linebacker Will Herring are the likely emergency long snappers on field goals.

“You have to really be stout to get in there for field goals,” he said. “I don’t think I’m the guy for that.”

The fact that you didn’t have (or didn’t know) about Plan B is another sign that you’ve got to go. Now, practically no team in the NFL actually carries a roster spot for ANOTHER longsnapper so I don’t know what Mora is thinking here.

Kelly Jennings? Really? How inept is Mora and about 90% of his staff?

Every day you find something to mess up while refusing to blame yourself for said screw-ups.



2 thoughts on “Fire Jim Mora: Longsnapper Edition

  1. JFein

    Wow……all this hatred of Mora for not taking the blame for anything as really got me thinking that Andy Reid might be the perfect fit in Seattle. No, really. He takes the blame for everything.

    Then again, you would have to deal with the whole using the pass to set up the pass style of play-calling and with Hasselbeck at QB, well, the results of that may actually be worse than what you have now with Mora.


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