Revisiting Those College Football Predictions

Before the college football season began I made ten predictions that I was so confident of, I said you could take them to the bank. Well it looks like you are bankrupt because you took these picks to the bank. Sorry about that.

10.) USC will not win the Pac-10. Maybe it’s my loathing of their football team, but this is the year they’ll finally crack. They’ve got a ton of key injuries, a freshman in Matt Barkley called in to start at the last minute, and they’re losing players to academic ineligibility. Really it should’ve been Oregon State that should’ve knocked USC from their perch last year, but they had to mess it up on the final day. Who will win the Pac-10 though?

Actual: I was correct. USC just about collapsed and finished 8-4 with losses to Washington, Stanford (by a lot…at home), Arizona, and Oregon.

9.) Oregon will win the Pac-10. It always seems like the Ducks find a way to completely self-destruct down the stretch but they are best fit to take over conference supremacy bragging rights. Cal could be a sleeper team but I have no faith in Kevin Riley to be a solid enough QB to lead them to Pasadena.

Actual: Kevin Riley is indeed a mediocre-to-awful QB and Oregon won the Pac-10 by beating rivals Oregon State 37-33 in an absolute classic. I was correct. 2/2!

8.) Washington will win a game. Take this to the bank, because U-Dub won’t go winless this season.

Actual: They liked winning so much that they did it 5 times. Baby steps, people. Baby steps.

7.) Charlie Weis will get fired. Despite their easy schedule (don’t they always have one?) they will finish in the 7-5 to 8-4 range, lose another bowl game, and Weis will get canned. He’s not a terrible coach but the success is not there. And no, winning the friggin Hawaii Bowl does not count as success.

Actual: I will mark this correct because Weis did get fired, but Notre Dame finished 6-6 and opted not to go lose in a bowl game.

6.) Rich Rodriguez gets dumped midseason. Michigan is going to suck again, he’s got a scandal he’s dealing with, file this one under “epic fail”.

Actual: Incorrect. They finished 5-7 but I guess that’s enough for Rich to keep his job after a decent start to the season.

5.) Virginia Tech will not win the ACC. How this team consistently makes it to the conference title game/BCS bowl game is beyond me. Then again, it’s the ACC. They aren’t any good, they lost their best running back for the year, the QB position has not been solid since Michael Vick, etc. Which leads me to….

Actual: Correct. Ryan Williams is a very good RB despite having been the backup before the season started and he just earned his starting spot for next year. However, Tyrod Taylor is not a good QB and they did not even make it to the ACC Title Game.

4.) Georgia Tech wins the ACC. Jonathan Dwyer, for the win!

Actual: Correct. They beat rivals Clemson to advance to the Orange Bowl to play Iowa.

3.) The Big Ten won’t win a bowl game. Literally. This is an embarrassing conference. Ohio State, Penn State, Illinois, Wisconsin, etc. will all take part in the massive failure that is the Big Ten in bowl games.

Actual: Not applicable. We still have a ways to go during the 500 bowl game festival before we get to the Big Ten teams blowing it in bowl games.

2.) Tim Tebow will not win the Heisman. Defenses will get wise to him, but they won’t stop TT completely. He’ll have a spectacular year as Florida blitzes all of their opponents with a barrage of points, but it won’t be good enough to get past Colt McCoy of Texas, who will edge out the unofficial god of football come December. Not just that, but….

Actual: Sort of correct. Half-correct. Tim Tebow didn’t win the Heisman but did cry on national TV. However, future Seattle Seahawks starter Colt McCoy did not win the Heisman, that belongs to  Alabama RB Mark Ingram.

1.) Texas will beat Florida in the national championship game. This is not much of a “Texas is better than Florida” type of prediction, but more or less going against the grain of the general public that is anointing the Gators champions before the season even starts. In an unrelated story, Jordan Shipley is a great player.

Actual: Incorrect. First off Florida didn’t make it to the title game, Alabama did. Secondly, Alabama will beat Texas so already I know this will be incorrect.

Final Total: 6.5 correct, 2.5 incorrect, 1 NA.

This is shameful. Not even breaking 70% accuracy out of 10. Despicable. I blame our kicker and the offensive line. This is not acceptable. If they don’t do their jobs then there will be changes.



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