Fire Jim Mora: Tiring Press Conference Cliches

Via TNT:

“I will say this: I know the score doesn’t necessarily look like it, but I felt like the guys continued to have a good attitude and fight and play hard, on both sides of the football,” Mora said.

Two problems with this quote.

1.) They didn’t put in any effort in the 2nd half. The Seahawks defense just about quit the moment Hasselbeck tossed pick #3 into the hands of Jarrett Bush.

2.) Mora has said something to this effect four million times since the Bears game. I’m just about tired of hearing stuff like this.

If you click on the link you’ll get more glorious Mora comments regarding Hasselbeck. Apparently it never crossed his mind that maybe Matt should’ve been pulled for playing worse than JaMarcus Russell, and that the game was over for a long time. Seneca can’t do any worse and he routinely sacks himself.

Clean this house and start over. Mora should not get away with being this inept. Don’t give him another year.


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