Seahawks Football 101: Head Coach

In football (and sport in general), teams are led by a head coach and his supporting staff. For the majority of the year, the head coach leads his team through (among other things) new game tactics, game film, practicing new plays, and preparing for their opponents so they don’t look like clueless idiots on the field.

The head coaching position in the NFL is one of the most coveted jobs in American sports. Just the sheer thought of leading your team to the Super Bowl and raising that Lombardi Trophy….MAN! It gives me goosebumps.

Alas, the Seattle Seahawks do things a little differently.

Jim L. Mora once wanted to coach the Washington Huskies. Good thing that didn't work out.

You see, Seattle’s struggles this year have come down to their biggest flaw, the lack of a head coach. It’s obvious the main reason they look so flat every week and fall behind 21-0 before 30 seconds have elapsed in the first quarter, is because they don’t have a head coach.

It is believed that the Seahawks are the only NFL franchise that uses the “no head coach” method. This went into effect after Mike Holmgren’s final year as Seahawks head coach. Hopefully next year, under new management, the Seahawks will prosper towards glory again when they fill their vacant head coaching spot.


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