Looking Ahead to 2010

I’ve avoided the whole “Best of the decade” and “Worst of the decade” kind of posts because just about everyone is doing it and I really didn’t feel the need to reflect on the last 10 years. What’s done is done. The New England Patriots finished 18-1 in the 2007-08 NFL season. George Mason made the Final Four. Seattle once had a professional basketball team. They also once had a professional football team but that’s another story.

In about 5 hours I’ll be watching KING 5 TV as Seattle puts in another lame, depressing, joke of a fireworks show at the Space Needle, and 2010 will begin.

Which brings me to the point of this post. There will be some changes to the blog. Some will be happening in the very near future, while others will occur a little bit longer into the year, namely:

  • 2010 Winter Olympics coverage. I am an Olympics enthusiast and the sheer thought of being 150 miles away from the actual location makes me giddy. The tickets to actually go to an Olympic event is somewhat deflating. Alas there will be a heavy emphasis on the 2010 Vancouver Games. I’ll do my best to cover as many sports as possible and maybe even live-blog select events.
  • More MMA posts and UFC live blogs. I’m a fan of combat sports and will definitely be writing more about MMA in 2010. Possibly starting this weekend I’ll live-blog the UFC 108 preliminary card show, which airs on Spike TV at 6 PM PT.
  • World Cup 2010. Expect plenty of previews, television news, and “FIRE BOB BRADLEY!” rants as we near this blog’s first ever World Cup tournament. I’m certainly looking forward to South Africa’s turn at hosting the World Cup.
  • Moving Stupid Sideline Reporters to its own domain. You’ll get more info on this in time to move your bookmarks.

That’s all I can think of for the moment. Have a safe and fantastic new year! If I’m too lazy (AKA still asleep) to post tomorrow, then I pick Oregon to rout Ohio State 41-17 in the Rose Bowl, and Florida to beat Cincinnati 36-23 in the Interim Coaches Bowl.

Bring on 2010!


One thought on “Looking Ahead to 2010

  1. JFein

    I am not sure if many other people share this same opinion, but I love the winter olympics so much more than the summer games that it’s not even funny. Maybe it’s just me and the fact I am a winter guy, but I love watching the speed skating, the skiing and ski jumping, and most importantly, the ice hockey.

    Happy new year!


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