Nasty Sports Injuries: Mizuto Hirota

WARNING: If you are squeamish and don’t like watching an arm twisted in a way that it shouldn’t be twisted, then don’t go after the jump.

Japan closed out 2009 with a bang with their annual year-end Dynamite!! MMA event promoted by Fighting and Entertainment Group, featuring some of the top fighters in the sport today (that’s right, not every top fighter is in the UFC). One of the feature attractions for this card was a co-promotion “competition” between top Japanese organizations DREAM and Sengoku.

DREAM lightweight champion Shinya Aoki faced off against Sengoku champion Mizuto Hirota in one of the feature bouts. Aoki defeated Hirota via armbar in the 1st round.

Hirota had the option to tap out and not risk getting his arm broken. He didn’t. When you don’t tap, this is the result…

Have to say the first thing I would’ve done after breaking my opponent’s arm is flip him off while he was on the ground writhing in pain. Very disrepectful from Aoki.

That’s one of the nastiest broken arms I’ve ever seen. The armbar is my favorite submission attempt but this was just absolutely sick. Look at the angle the arm is pointing towards.

For Hirota, his New Year’s resolution is to learn to simply tap out so he can avoid serious injury.


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