UFC 108 Quasi-Live Blog

It’s quasi-live blogging when your computer is not fully reliable to watch the fights online!

At 6:00 PM PT the televised portion of UFC 108: Everyone is Injured will commence live on Spike TV! It’s one hour of preliminary card fights before the pay-per-view event headlined by Rashad Evans, who will square off against Thiago Silva. The live-blog will begin with the Spike TV card with welterweights Martin Kampmann and Jacob Volkmann squaring off in the UFC cage, as well as Cole Miller vs. Dan Lauzon.

Kampmann is coming off a KO loss to Paul “Semtex” Daley at UFC 103, while Volkmann is coming in on short notice as a replacement for the injured Rory Markham. Volkmann was a late replacement to fight Paulo Thiago at UFC 106, where he lost via unanimous decision. It should be an intriguing matchup of contrasting styles. Martin Kampmann is a Muay Thai specialist with a respectable ground game, while Volkmann is a pure wrestler with 6 of his 10 wins coming via submission. Watching the Thiago fight he sure got outclassed in the wrestling game, and it was the main reason why he lost.

In the lightweight division, Cole Miller is looking to bounce back from his KO loss to Efrain Escudero (also at UFC 103) against Dan Lauzon. The younger brother of Joe Lauzon, Dan is making his return to the UFC after losing to Spencer Fisher at UFC 64. When he came into that fight back in 2006, he was the youngest ever UFC fighter at the age of 18.

I’m going to be completely honest, I’ve never seen Dan Lauzon fight. All I know is that he’s a wrestler with a Brazilian Jiu-jitsu background. However I am a fan of Cole Miller, a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu brown belt and submission specialist. Miller sunk in a deep guillotine choke against Junie Browning at UFC Fight Night: Condit vs. Kampmann back in April of 2009, forcing his opponent to tap, earning Miller his 10th submission victory out of 15 overall.

For previews of the rest of the night’s action, I suggest reading Bloody Elbow.

Follow me after the jump.

Spike TV Card

Cole Miller (15-4, 4-2 UFC) vs. Dan Lauzon (12-2, 0-1 UFC)

ROUND 1: Steve Mazzagatti is the referee. They stalk each other early. Miller comes early. Lands a goof left knee and misses on the body kick. Lauzon with a big left hook and Miller is down!! Miller recovers temporarily on the ground and now they stand up again. Miller landing some big knees. Cole with dome dirty boxing in the clinch. Whoa these guys are practically gassed halfway through round 1. Lauzon takes Miller down and Miller has given up his back. Miller gets out of it and he has Lauzon’s arm. Looks like he’s going for the inverted leg triangle, he has it! Still has the arm and goes for the kimura! He’s got both! Lauzon in trouble and it’s over!! MILLER WINS BY SUBMISSION! Cole Miller def. Dan Lauzon via submission (kimura via inverted leg triangle) in round 1 at 3:05. That’s a sub of the year contender.

Jake Ellenberger vs. Mike Pyle (from earlier tonight)

ROUND 1: Ellenberger the aggressor early and takes Pyle down. He’s in Pyle’s closed guard. Inactivity inside the guard so far. Pyle landing a few punches from his back. Ellenberger trying to get out. Pyle with a few right hands to the temple. They’re back to closed guard. Ellenberger with an elbow from the top that misses. Referee tells them to start working or else they will be stood up. Ellenberger gets out and Yves Lavigne stands Pyle up. Another takedown from Ellenberger. A minute left in the round. Pyle looking for the kimura, he cranks the arm but he can’t get it. Good defense from Ellenberger. Round ends with Ellenberger punishing Pyle with some shots to the body and to the head. I score it 10-9 for Jake Ellenberger.

ROUND 2: Pyle’s ribs are hurting. He will continue. I believe Pyle just said he broke his rib and the announcers confirm it. Pyle isn’t keeping his hands up. Right knee lands and now a right hand by Ellenberger drops Pyle! He finishes him off with ground and pound and Pyle is finished! Jake Ellenberger def. Mike Pyle via TKO (punches) in round 2 at :22. Nice first win in the UFC for the welterweight after a tough loss to Carlos Condit.

Martin Kampmann (15-3, 6-2 UFC) vs. Jacob Volkmann (9-1, 0-1 UFC)

ROUND 1: They trade shots early. Kampmann clinches but Volkmann lands the knee to the head. Volkmann tags Kampmann with a right and now Volkmann is dropped with a punch. He gets up quickly. Volkmann charging with some shots but Kampmann knocks him down with a counter-right!! Volkmann is hurt but recovers well as they go to the ground. Kampmann comes flying in with a right hand and is in Volkmann’s half-guard. He stands up again. Goes back down and lands some more shots. Hammerfists now. Volkmann is taking a beating. Kampmann now trying to lock in the guillotine choke. It’s deep! Volkmann can’t get out of it and he has to tap!!! KAMPMANN WINS! Martin Kampmann def. Jacob Volkmann via submission (guillotine choke) in round 1 at 4:03.

Mark Munoz vs. Ryan Jensen (from earlier tonight)

ROUND 1: Jensen lands a leg kick. And another. ANd another. Jensen looks big for 185 lbs. He goes in for the flying knee, lands it and brings Munoz down. Munoz is a former collegiate wrestling star and he gets out of trouble. Stands up again and Jensen lands a beautiful uppercut. Jensen tries for the takedown but can’t get it. Munoz takes down Jensen instead and has good control. He’s landing huge shots on Jensen! He is hurt! Jensen turns  and he is eating more shots! Hammerfists and body shots! Jensen looked like he tried to tap! More shots by Munoz and referee Mario Yamasaki ends the fight!! Mark Munoz def. Ryan Jensen via submission (strikes) in round 1 at 2:30. That just saved Munoz from surely getting cut from the UFC.

Spike just spent 10 minutes with garbage filler so I might as well spoil the other prelim result.

Rafaello Oliveira def. John Gunderson via unanimous decision

Pay-Per-View Card

Junior Dos Santos (10-1, 3-0 UFC)  vs. Gilbert Yvel (36-13-1, 1 NC, UFC debut)

ROUND 1: I’m going to love this fight. Both men landing some shots early. Big right hook by Dos Santos stuns Yvel! Gets in a combination but Yvel comes back with a counter shot! Good stuff so far! Man they are landing some bombs early.  OH WHAT A LEFT HOOK BY DOS SANTOS! YVEL IS DOWN!!! YVEL COVERING UP BUT DOS SANTOS FIRES AWAY AND IT IS OVER!!! WHOA!!! Junior Dos Santos def. Gilbert Yvel via TKO (punches) in round 1 at 2:07. Yvel complaining to Herb Dean that he stopped it early. Nice try dude but you were about to die.

Jim Miller (15-2, 4-1 UFC) vs. Duane Ludwig (19-9, 2-0 UFC)

ROUND 1: Ludwig has the unofficial record for UFC’s fastest knockout, a 5 second whipping of Jonathan Goulet. This is his first time back in the UFC since 2006. Stream died but I found another one in time to see Ludwig dropped by a right hook from Miller. Jim pounced, got side control on the ground, got a hold of Ludwig’s arm and finished him off with the submission. Ludwig had to tap. Jim Miller def. Duane Ludwig via submission (armbar) in round 1 at 2:31.

Joe Lauzon (18-4, 5-1 UFC) vs. Sam Stout (14-5-1, 3-4 UFC)

ROUND 1: Dan Lauzon lost earlier tonight. Will big brother do the same? Lauzon quickly takes Stout down. Stream freezes. It’s back and Stout’s face is bloodied so I’m assuming a strike (or strikes) cut him up. They’re back up now. Lauzon’s takedown attempt is stuffed by Stout. Good sprawl. Now Lauzon takes him down. Stream weirdly refreshes by itself. Stout with some punches now and Lauzon is eating them. Stout is peppering Lauzon with combinations. I think Lauzon is hurt. More stream problems. Good round for Stout after a poor start. SCORED 10-9 for Sam Stout.

ROUND 2:  The takedowns aren’t working anymore. Lauzon is losing this fight almost decisively. BIG HEAD KICK! Lauzon hanging on! Stout is in control. But this is Sam Stout, and he never finishes anyone by knockout on a consistent basis. Doesn’t matter because he is killing Lauzon with uppercuts and leg kicks. Another takedown stuffed. Not a good day to be a Lauzon. A few seconds left in the round. Stout now on top of Lauzon with good ground control. Lauzon trying to do something effective. 10-9 Stout, 20-18 Stout overall.

ROUND 3: Lauzon had nothing left yet Stout didn’t want to go for the kill. Joe went for the takedown with about 2 minutes to go, tried to get a guillotine choke, Stout got out and they stood back up. Great fight. Stout continues to smash Lauzon with his feather-fisted shots. Horn sounds and Stout puts in a solid performance with a decision win coming his way barring a robbery. SCORED 30-27 FOR SAM STOUT.

OFFICIAL DECISION: 30-26, 30-27, 30-27 for Sam Stout.

Paul Daley (22-8-2, 1-0 UFC) vs. Dustin Hazelett (12-4, 5-2 UFC)

ROUND 1: Striker vs. BJJ. Should be fun. I’m enjoying this card and so should you. This is a catchweight bout at 172 lbs since Daley could not make the 171 lbs weight limit for medical reasons. Sort of a nondescript round thus far other than an early fancy flying kick of some sort by Hazelett. Leg kick by Daley. Dustin Hazelett doesn’t want this on the ground for some reason. COUNTER LEFT HOOK BY DALEY KNOCKS HAZELETT OUT COLD!!!!!!! WHAT A KNOCKOUT!!!! WHAT A CARD!!! Paul Daley def. Dustin Hazelett via KO (punch) in round 1 at 2:24.

Rashad Evans (13-1-1, 8-1-1 UFC) vs. Thiago Silva (11-1, 5-1 UFC)

RECAP: I chose nourishing myself over live-blogging but I did watch the entire fight. Rashad surprisingly used a lot of his wrestling and BJJ on the day he received his black belt from the Gracie clan. What Rashad lacked in top control after his takedowns he made up for in consistently taking Thiago Silva to the ground. This was the story for the first two rounds. In a dramatic final round, Silva stunned Rashad with a right hand when they were standing up with about two minutes to go. With Evans wobbled, Silva inexplicably chose taunting over finishing his opponent. In the final minute, Thiago Silva was bent over and completely gassed. The fight ended with Evans pressing Silva against the cage, holding him and maybe hoping for a takedown. It didn’t come and Silva blew his opportunity at a comeback knockout. Rashad Evans def. Thiago Silva via unanimous decision with all 3 judges scoring the contest 29-28. Evans had some impressive takedowns, but did nothing with them. Silva’s takedown defense was awful. I thought it was a good fight that could’ve been better. Rashad wants to fight Rampage Jackson. Mark my words, Rampage will obliterate him if they do face each other.

Entertaining night of fights. All but one bout made it on TV. Tomorrow is NFL action and Titans/Seahawks has me giddy.

Good night. Oh, and here’s Daley’s KO of Hazelett.


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