Seahawks Inexplicably Give Their Punter Six Years and $9.1 Million

Can this team get any dumber?

Honestly, this is unbelievably dumb. Who gives their punter a six year contract and makes them a millionaire? Did Canada hold this team hostage? Nate Burleson, Colin Cole, Jon Ryan, all Canadians, have gotten ludicrous contracts despite never having been remotely elite.

Burleson had a 7 year, $49 million contract after being a lifetime #3 WR in Minnesota. While I like Burleson, he hasn’t produced results commensurate with the (admittedly back-loaded) contract given.

Colin Cole was Green Bay’s 3rd DT and got a 5 year, $21 million deal this past summer with $5 million guaranteed. To put it nicely, he is showing why he was a reserve. Cole does absolutely nothing in run support and is even worse trying to pass-rush.

Now Jon Ryan, a Pro Bowl alternate based on the fact that he can kick a football really far despite never showing a consistent ability to pin opponents inside the 20, has been granted one of the most ludicrous contracts I’ve ever seen given to a punter.

I cannot believe this just happened. Ryan gets a big contract because we see him on the field at least 7 times per game due to the suck that is the offense. Incredible.



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