One More Reason Jim Mora Had to be Fired

Hat tip to Krazyleggs from Field Gulls. via PFT

This site has spent nearly a month pleading and begging for Jim Mora to be fired as head coach of the Seattle Seahawks. That wish was granted and now Pete Carroll is the new head coach. It doesn’t seem like the greatest hire now, but knowing he can attract top assistant talent like OL coach Alex Gibbs tells me this could work out very well.

Back to the original point, today Mora was on the cesspool known as the Dave “Softy” Mahler Show on 950 KJR-AM, along with Hugh Millen. They talked about what’s next for him Post-Seahawks disaster, a little bit more about his firing, and about Pete Carroll.

Mora goes on to say the following:

“If you’re a person that does not have integrity, that doesn’t play by the rules, that doesn’t put other people first, that cheats….”

Stop right there. At the 6:59-7:01 mark of this video he whispers something to Hugh Millen. Would any lip readers care to tell us what he said?

I put on my headphones, turn the volume to the maximum, and played this section of the clip several times. There is a clear “Carroll cheated” being whispered by Jim Mora.

This is why Mora was fired. He is a terrible leader as a head coach because he lacked the maturity…pretty much like his dad. There is no evidence to suggest Pete Carroll “cheated” at USC and he makes a statement like that.

It is a totally irresponsible comment to make, especially knowing you are on TV (why Comcast Northwest picked this show up is beyond me).

There is no way Jim Mora ever gets a head coaching job in the NFL. Mark my words. It’s not really this clip that is the death knell, but it’s the piling up cases against him being a coach who can lead even a Pop Warner team that is bothersome.

I bet he manages to blame this comment on Olindo Mare.


2 thoughts on “One More Reason Jim Mora Had to be Fired

  1. Stevo

    Pete Carroll “doesn’t seem like the greatest hire now”?

    Really? Alex Gibbs, master of the zone blocking scheme, has agreed to be our O line coach and asst. head coach. Jeremy Bates, who made a pro bowl QB of Jay Cutler, will be our OC. Ken Norton, who annually turns boys into NFL LBs, will be our linebackers coach. And now, Floyd Reese may be on the verge of becoming our GM.

    All because they want to work with Pete Carroll.

    You don’t like this? I love it. Its about time we became a first-class franchise again. A place where the best coaches and personnel pros want to work.

    Hats off to Pete Carroll and Tod Leiweke.

    1. Mookie Post author

      It still isn’t the greatest hire. I’m sticking with this opinion until the draft, and then we’ll see what rolls out in preseason and the regular season. Honestly I would’ve loved to poach a young assistant coach from say, New Orleans, and find our next Sean Payton.

      I’m beginning to like this hire however knowing he isn’t the grand poobah here.


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