Confirmation: Bruce DeHaven Fired

The Seattle Times’ Danny O’Neil has delivered the groundbreaking story that has me filled with joy.

Also, on special teams, Brian Schneider is coming up from USC to fill the role Bruce DeHaven held the past three seasons.

I have nary a clue as to who this Schneider guy is. He can’t be worse than DeHaven. Seattle had one of the worst special teams in the league under him. Whether it’s the inept return coverage or the even more inept return game, it sucked. Good riddance.

In other staff news, Gus Bradley will remain defensive coordinator and Dan Quinn will remain on the staff as a defensive line coach. Pete Carroll’s staff is shaping up nicely. I’m glad Bradley was kept because he has great potential. His learning curves include the abolition of the 3 man rush/6 man blitz rotation he and Mora were running, and fixing the zone schemes.

The 2010 Seattle Seahawks coaching staff is almost complete. Now we need a GM to lead us towards CJ Spiller in the upcoming NFL Draft.


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