Seattle Seahawks Enter John Schneider Era

Once again the Seattle Seahawks are starting over by poaching a guy from the Green Bay Packers. It’s not a head coach, because we already have that. The new GM is 38-year-old, now former Director of Football Operations, JOHN SCHNEIDER!

Schneider’s biography reads as follows:

Schneider serves as strategic counsel to General Manager Ted Thompson, addressing and evaluating the needs of the team in both free agency and in the draft, incorporating a long-range planning process that examines the Packers’ roster, as well as the rosters of all NFL teams, and takes into account the potential effects of injuries and salary cap issues, and explores possible trade scenarios. The 38-year-old Schneider rejoined the Packers after spending three years with the Kansas City Chiefs (1997-99), one year with the Seattle Seahawks (2000) and a year with the Washington Redskins (2001) as vice president of player personnel

He’s been with us, before? Holy crap I did not know that. Must have been a Holmgren pull of some sort. Still the Packers seem like a good team and Schneider played a role.

Now that I think about it, the Packers chose not to re-sign Colin Cole. Any chance Schneider can work out a draft day shocker? Cole to the Broncos for a 1st rounder in 2011. Ooooohhhh yes.

Seriously, I’m excited that we have a fresh face in the front office. Welcome (back) to the Seahawks Mr. Schneider, now don’t screw it up. The fanbase looks forward to 10 consecutive Super Bowls starting….now.


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