What the Losers Are Saying: NFL Divisional Round Edition

WTLAS continues its NFL playoffs tour with stops at Arizona, Baltimore, Dallas, and San Diego.


The only Cardinals that had remotely close good games were the running backs. Tim Hightower is COTW in my book, and Wells touchdown was big at the time. LaRod Stephens-Howling was productive with kick returns.

I don’t want to give props to anyone on defense. They couldn’t force a turnover or a sack and the score would’ve ballooned even larger had the Cardinals actually been in the game.

Personally I want to congratulate the Saints. They were the better team today and found ways to exploit the Cardinals’ weaknesses. Losing Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie and Antrel Rolle certainly hurt, but that’s no excuse for the lack of production on offense. The Cardinals can now enter offseason mode and so will we here at ROTB. Good luck to the Saints and represent the NFC well in the Super Bowl.

PS. I hate Jerheme Urban. Undrafteds from Revenge of the Birds after the Cards were blasted by the Saints 45-14.

Kurt Warner needs to hang it up. He took a pounding and was blasted by Bobby McCray of the Saints when he threw his interception to Will Smith. Matt Leinart is the future, therefore the Seahawks and 49ers will battle it out for the NFC West in 2010-11.

No more Crudinals talk for several months. Please be worse in the offseason.


First off, let me warn you that this post is disorganized, has a lot jam-packed and may give you a craving for a Red Lobster value meal.  Or something like that. Enjoy.

In the NFL, the season really never ends.  Only the football games.  Sadly, the Ravens’ football games ended badly for the second year in a row, losing in the playoffs to an archirival and wasting many chances in the game.  After a mostly frustrating season, the win against the Patriots inspired the fans, and the players, to be pumped up for a huge matchup against the evil Indianapolis Colts.  From the start, the game was doomed.  Letting Peyton Manning stay on the field for eight years every drive, turning over two interceptions from the same guy on the same series, and getting beat repeatedly in the redzone by receivers for touchdowns.  Yeah, not a good way to win a game there.  And it wasn’t all the defense.  Joe Flacco couldn’t find an open receiver for the life of him and the offensive line opened almost no holes in the running game.  Basically, the game sucked. Big time. Pretty much the story of the season.  Beat the bad teams in the regular season to get in, step up huge one week against the best playoff quarterback in history, and then lay down against your rivals in a more important game committing penalties galore and playing to about 1/10 of your potential. Nice job. Joe Barnes from Ebony Bird after the Ravens lost to the Colts 20-3.

The Ravens are not a disciplined team and they’ve shown that throughout the season. They also have an offense that is incapable of playing from behind. Joe Flacco relies on the run to set up the pass, and when the Ravens have to abandon the run, Flacco is hopeless. Baltimore blew every chance they had and Indy made them pay with clock killing drives and those late 1st half touchdowns.

I really hope Ed Reed doesn’t retire. He’s had too short of a career to retire and I want to see him crank out 2-3 more good years.


The dream is over.

The Dallas Cowboys went to the Metrodome and got totally dominated by a Minnesota Vikings squad that was in peak form. The Cowboys lost 34-3, mainly because of a Vikings front-four that bullied and bludgeoned a potent Cowboys offense into submission. There were other problems – turnovers, missed FGs – but those were just symptoms, the disease was the Vikings big-uns up front. After Dallas squandered a couple of good drives to start the game, the Cowboys defense had an uncharacteristic yip when Sidney Rice got deep, and they could never get back on top. The Vikings sacked Tony Romo six times, had him on the run on numerous other plays, and when Dallas did manage to get anything done, Shaun Suisham missed twice, crushing any momentum. Brett Favre and Sidney Rice took care of the rest.

There’s no way around it, they got out-classed by a Vikings team that was ready to play. After taking a few Dallas jabs to start the game, they danced the Cowboys around the ring, landing blow after blow. The Cowboys spent the game on the ropes, running for cover. Dave Halprin of Blogging the Boys after the Cowboys got smashed 34-3 by FAVRE.

I guess Wade Phillips deserved another year for winning a playoff game. Umm…I hate Dallas. Glad they’re out of the playoffs.

San Diego

What team was that?  The team that has made a reputation for not turning the ball over, not killing themselves with penalties and having an un-stoppable offense led by Norv Turner and Philip RiversVincent Jackson was not on that field on Sunday.  Rivers played bad (as did his offensive line).  Norv’s play-call was uncharacteristically bad.  The offensive line was dominating in pass protection.  committed the world’s stupidest penalty.

The Jets team was better than I expected.  Their defense stopped the unstoppable offense and their offense got progressively better throughout the course of the game.  Norv Turner seemed to be completely outcoached for the first time in the playoffs with the Chargers (that’s just my opinion).  Nate Kaeding looked like Nick Folk Jr.  Philip Rivers looked like the shaky QB with bad receivers.

I’m not even angry.  I’m stunned.  Since halftime, when I was feeling very confident, I watched the game with amazement.  I never imagined that Rivers would be having problems with leading his team (why was it taking so long to line up) and communications (nobody seemed to be on the same page).  I never imagined that the defense would play such a strong game and the team would lose.  I never imagined that Norv (who never got that extension, by the way) would look so ridiculously helpless to motivate his team. John of Bolts From the Blue after the Chargers were overwhelmed by SANCHIZE.

Sadly for John (when this was written on Sunday), Norv Turner did get a contract extension today. Why? I have no clue. Expect more 2-3 or 3-6 starts before a playoff berth and then falling in the playoffs.

San Diego should look at getting rid of LT, and maybe trading up and drafting CJ Spiller. They absolutely need a running game and LT/Sproles isn’t cutting it when Sproles does most of the effective work.

Only three more teams can fall in this incredibly dull NFL playoffs. Who will be next? Check in next week on WTLAS!


3 thoughts on “What the Losers Are Saying: NFL Divisional Round Edition

  1. JFein

    And to think that Wade Phillips’ one playoff win came against an injury plagued Eagles team starting a rookie 7th round draft pick at SAM linebacker.

    It may have been a domination, but it’s not like they went out and beat a 14-2 team that was healthy, on fire, and cooking on all cylinders. The Cowboys just won a game they should have won against a beat up team that they matched up really well against.

    Wade’s an excellent D-coordinator, but a crappy head coach.

    1. Mookie Post author

      Wade sucks but injury-plagued or not the Cowboys are a better team than the Eagles. Right now I’d be willing to pick Romo over McNabb despite both of them choking in the playoffs.


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