Italian Female Presenter Looking for Goldenballs

Via Who Ate All the Pies:

If your Italian is not so good, the story is as follows: Elena Di Cioccio, a reporter for Silvio Berlusconi’s Uno station (yes, Berlusconi also owns AC Milan, Beckham’s current home), wanted to see if Becks was really packing Dirk Diggler-heat downstairs, as all those pants ads suggest. So she pulled on a pair of rubber gloves, walked up to Beckham while he was being interviewed in Madrid for an American TV station, and grabbed his crotch.

“Off the pitch we have seen fascinating photographs of David Beckham in his underpants and seemingly very well endowed and even his wife says that he is well equipped and calls him Golden Balls,” Di Cioccio said.

Here’s the video to boot!

I’m confident this is a prank. It has to be, right? Talk about looking for hard evidence….

Beckham received an apology from the Italian channel that thought this stunt wasn’t creepy or disturbing in any way.


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