Vikings Announcer Paul Allen Loses His Collective Mind

It’s safe to say Paul Allen (not the Seahawks owner) is one of the biggest homer radio announcers in the NFL. He does play-by-play for the Vikings and is most famous for his “NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!! NO!!!! THE CARDINALS HAVE KNOCKED THE VIKINGS OUT OF THE PLAYOFFS!” shriek back in 2004. Well when Brett Favre brilliantly threw across his body to the middle of the field for a game-changing interception, Allen sounded like he was going to have a nervous breakdown (via AA).

Two things here:

1.) The way he yells at the end like Mike Gundy is just priceless.

2.) WHY WOULD YOU TAKE A KNEE, LOSE MORE YARDS, AND KICK A 56 YARD FIELD GOAL?!!!!!!! They had 1 timeout and could’ve easily run a draw play or at least Favre could’ve thrown the ball away instead of reverting to gunslinger Favre. Does he really think, with all of the awful kicking this postseason, that Longwell would be capable of hitting a field goal that was 1 yard beyond his career high?

Come on Paul, think better than that; you aren’t Brad Childress, who seems like a coach that would ponder punting the ball had they thrown an incomplete pass.


One thought on “Vikings Announcer Paul Allen Loses His Collective Mind

  1. Anonymous

    I went to High School with Paul Allen….Great Guy!! Great Work Paul……Timmy Romero


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