World Cup Classics: Italy vs. South Korea

The 2002 World Cup was co-hosted by Japan and South Korea. Bost host nations made it to the knockout phase, with Japan playing Turkey and Italy playing South Korea. Japan lost 1-0 to the Turks, who would go on to claim 3rd place in the tournament. The Italians were heavy favorites to beat the Koreans in the round of 16. It was a great game filled with drama, extremely controversial officiating, and a dramatic winning goal.

Your match commentators are Barry Davies and Joe Royle.

The Italians felt robbed that a valid goal in extra time was erroneously denied, and that Christian Vieri should not have been sent off for diving when he had meerly tripped over his own feet. Referee Byron Moreno admitted two years ago that the Italians were not given a fair shake in this match, but he denied as to whether or not he was intentionally fixing the game.

South Korea advanced to the 3rd place game, only to fall 3-2 to Turkey.


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