The Road to 74: New Jersey Nets Lose Again

Computer monitor decided to blow itself up so in comes a lazy post. Super Bowl preview tomorrow.

The New Jersey Nets have made it certain they won’t have a winning season. We knew that would happen several months ago but it’s now official. Heading into tonight against the Toronto Raptors, the Nets were an astounding 4-42. They actually won a game last week against….the Clippers. Sure the Clippers aren’t horrible, but they seem like the team that would try and deny the Nets the worst ever season in NBA history. Not to be denied however, the Nets prospered to low-scoring defeats at home to the dreadful Wizards and 76ers 81-79 and 83-79 respectively to drop to 4-42.

What happened tonight? Kiki Vandeweghe’s team got to 99 points, but decided defense was overrated and fell 108-99 in the Great White North.

As of February 3rd the loss count is now at


Plenty of games left to be played. You don’t want to be the team that lost to the New Jersey Nets.


Sound off.....

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