NBA on BBC: Where Hilariously Bad Commentary Happens

We’re traveling back…..wayyyyyyyy back to October 2009. The NBA preseason was underway as they try to play their games in countries where no one cares about basketball. Location? The O2 Arena in London, England where the Chicago Bulls played the Utah Jazz. Since the game was in London, the BBC covered the event supplying their own “commentators” consisting of Mark Pougatch and Colin Murray. It turned out to be a comedy of errors that rival the terrible know-nothing soccer broadcasters ESPN put out during the 2006 FIFA World Cup, or any Sportscenter anchor narrating a rugby or cricket highlight.

John Amaechi also joined in as a guest, and he wasn’t much better.


“Larry Bird is what, 5’11? Maybe even a little shorter.” – Mark Pougatch

“Great shooter, and part of a San Antonio dynasty, really.” – John Amaechi on LUOL DENG. Amaechi used to play in the NBA. Did he just stop following the game?

I know it was a preseason game and I just found this surfing Youtube 7 months after the fact, but how unprofessional and uninformed can you get? The funny thing is the call of the winning shot by James Johnson wasn’t too bad….it was everything else that was deplorable.

Holy crap that was bad. This officially makes me want to know how they would sound on an NFL game. Chances are they’d still be better than Bryant Gumbel.


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