Some Frequently Asked Questions

This post is dedicated to answers from yours truly to questions you didn’t even ask. It’s sort of a way to understand the website better.

Do you hate sideline reporters?

Frankly “hate” is a very strong word, but it’s almost gotten to that point. It’s preposterous that you have roving reporters for nearly every sport interviewing athletes and asking them questions that have little substance and don’t add anything to the game/event. The other day I saw a “sideline” reporter for fishing. What are they going to ask? What went through your mind when you caught that trout? Ludicrous.

Favorite “Stupid Sideline Reporter” moment?

Danyelle Sargent asking Mike Singletary how his dead mentor (Bill Walsh) called him from the grave once Singletary got the 49ers head coaching job. Ignoring the illegal obtaining of this footage from Mike Francesa aside, I couldn’t stop laughing. This isn’t an “oh she just made an honest mistake” kind of situation. It shows a complete lack of knowledge on her part, and of course she got fired from FOX. Little did we know that Singletary would explode at his press conference after the Seahawks walloped the 49ers.

I’m looking at some of your old 2007 posts that are supposed to have videos, but they aren’t there anymore. What gives?

Blame the web hosters. When I initially started this blog I was hosted under a .blogspot domain, and adding videos was simple when you could just copy and paste the embedding code. WordPress does things differently. Not only is using the original embedding not allowed, they only allow Youtube, Google Video, and Dailymotion clips. I’m not going to invest my time fixing every post that has been affected by this problem.

Speaking of which, whatever happened to your .blogspot address?

I didn’t update it for over a year (since I already moved everything to WordPress) and the domain expired. Nothing I can do to fix that.

What happens when a person gets banned from commenting?

You don’t necessarily get banned, per se. The moment I blacklist your IP address or username then your subsequent comments get put in the spam queue. I check the spam queue every day to make sure legit comments don’t get buried amongst oodles of porn links and credit card scams. Based on that, you’re doomed.

Will the Brian Russell jokes ever stop?


For the time being this will stand as a written post, but I’m going to consider moving this to a page as the time elapses.


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