Super Bowl XLIV Preview Extravaganza: Know Your Referee

Earlier this week the NFL announced its referee crew for Super Bowl XLIV. The league grades each official every week and whomever is deemed to have had the best performance throughout the year gets to be an official for the big game. This year’s winner for head official is….SCOTT GREEN!

The NFL has selected veteran official Scott Green as the referee for Super Bowl XLIV, the league announced Wednesday.

Green is finishing his 19th season in the NFL. He has been a referee since 2004, and will be officiating his 13th playoff game.

Gene Steratore will serve as Green’s backup, according to a league source.

Green has received consistently high marks from the NFL and has worked two other Super Bowls (2002 and 2004) as a back judge.

However, he also has been involved in some controversial finishes.

Green was the referee for this year’s Green BayArizona wild-card game that ended when Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers lost an overtime fumble that Cardinals linebacker Karlos Dansby recovered and returned for a touchdown on a play when Cardinals cornerback Michael Adams, according to television replays, appeared to have a hand on Rodgers’ facemask. Later, the NFL’s vice president of officiating, Mike Pereira, said it was an incidental facemask without grabbing, therefore it would not incur any penalty.

Green also was the back judge in the January 2003 wild-card game between the Giants and 49ers. Giants guard Rich Seubert lined up as an eligible receiver, but Green apparently did not realize it and did not throw a penalty when Seubert was interfered with downfield. Later, then-NFL commissioner Paul Tagliabue expressed disappointment at the job officials had done on that play.

Green also was the referee at the end of Pittsburgh‘s 11-10 victory over San Diego last season, when he overruled a Troy Polamalu touchdown at the end of the game that affected the game’s betting line.

In defense of Green sometimes you aren’t responsible for the controversial call at hand. There’s a reason why there are 7 officials in a game. However that 49ers/Giants debacle at the end will be one of the most overlooked missed calls in playoff history.  I’ve never thought of him as a great ref. Hopefully he can pull it together for 1 game. This website releases some good statistics about all of the NFL referees, ranging from accepted penalties per game, penalty yards per game, home team win rate (although that’s useless this weekend), etc.

I guess things could be worse, it could be…..Jerome Boger.

Bet you thought I was going to say Bill Leavy, right?


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