Super Bowl XLIV Preview Extravaganza: The Links

As with last year I’m posting links for the two Super Bowl teams as well as a few neutral ones, some of which have nothing to do with football.

Indianapolis Colts

1.) Stampede Blue previews the game with a statistical season review of the Colts and Saints.

2.) 18 to 88 looks at the Colts’ record without Dwight Freeney but with Robert Mathis.

3.) Naptown’s Finest agrees with me…take the dress off the QB!

4.) Colts Gab is running a trivia contest. Do you want that Flo TV (whatever that is)?

5.) Colts Locker discusses the emergence of Pierre Garcon.

New Orleans Saints

1.) Saints Gab scouts the enemy’s WRs, RBs, and TEs.

2.) Canal Street Chronicles goes a bit further into researching this year’s officiating crew.

3.) Black and Gold Patrol reminds everyone the Saints got destroyed the last two times they played the Colts.

4.) Who Dat Blog…oh wait will the NFL tell them it’s a trademark, too?

5.) Saints Locker says Reggie Bush could be a wild card factor.


1.) FARN reports on Indy not wanting their bus drivers to be drunk…so push school back!

2.) Down Goes Brown reveals Gary Bettman’s e-mail account!

3.) The Money Shot addresses more stupid statements from Colin Cowherd.

4.) The Saints are winning the Super Bowl because Madden said so!

5.) Seattle Seahawks fans, meet your new coaching staff! (Now with less Dehaven.)


2 thoughts on “Super Bowl XLIV Preview Extravaganza: The Links

  1. James Craven

    Bruce Dehaven will be special teams coach for Chan Gailey in Buffalo.



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