Super Bowl XLIV Preview Extravaganza: Fun Facts

We’re only 5 hours away from Super Bowl XLIV, and right now several channels are having pre-game shows longer than the actual game. In the meantime I will wrap up my preview with some fun facts and possibilities for both the Saints and the Colts.

New Orleans Saints

  • They are the 3rd NFC South team to advance to the Super Bowl since the 2002 realignment.
  • If Drew Brees somehow gets injured or the Saints are wiping out the Colts, Mark Brunell would become the oldest QB to ever play in the Super Bowl at the age of 39.
  • Heck, Brunell is the fourth Washington QB to ever be on a Super Bowl roster!
  • If the Saints win the SB, they will have done so by eliminating a Brett Favre-led team in the previous game, like the last NFC team to win, the New York Giants.
  • Offensive lineman Jahri Evans is the first Bloomsburg University alum to play in a Super Bowl.

Indianapolis Colts

  • The Colts have played all of their Super Bowls in Miami, whether in Baltimore or Indianapolis.
  • If the Colts win, this would be the second time Tony Dungy has left a team only for them to win the Super Bowl the next season.
  • Three of the last four SBs have featured a Manning brother.
  • If Indy wins, Jim Caldwell would become the 3rd rookie head coach to win a Super Bowl. George Seifert (49ers) and Don McCafferty (Bal. Colts) are the other two.
  • The designated “home team” (the team wearing their home jerseys) has not won since the New England Patriots in 2004 (Super Bowl XXXVIII).

Only the picks remain. We’re almost there!


  • If a kickoff is returned for a touchdown then every SB hosted at Dolphins Stadium/Sunlife Stadium will have had one kick return for a TD.
  • Since the new television contracts were signed, no NFC team has won a Super Bowl aired on CBS.
  • This is the first time both participating teams play in indoor stadiums.

Only the picks post remains. We’re almost there!


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