Yes you can believe it. The New Orleans Saints are Super Bowl champions after beating Indianapolis Colts 31-17 in an epic game in Miami. Super Bowl XLIV was close from start to finish, and Peyton Manning’s pass to New Orleans’ Tracy Porter was the clincher. His INT for a touchdown won it all and sent me reeling to my first ever incorrect prediction of the big game on this blog.

I don’t really care, I had no rooting interest. New Orleans has a professional sports title. This won’t clear up their city (actually it will probably be littered with garbage for many weeks) after Katrina, but it is one of the best stories you could ever ask for.

People will remember this game for a long time because it was so well played from start to finish.

Drew Brees was phenomenal and won Super Bowl MVP. Peyton Manning was exceptional but made the mistake that lost the Colts the Super Bowl. It was a great QB display.

There will be much much more on this later tomorrow and over the next few days. This was some great football to end the season.

Congratulations to the New Orleans Saints, Super Bowl XLIV Champions!!!

What a game.


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