Joy and Despair: Super Bowl XLIV

This is almost like WTLAS, but with the winning team! This post will take a look at fan reaction from Saints and Colts blogs for key moments in Super Bowl XLIV! I’m way too lazy to even think about copying and pasting those comments here so I’ll just take a screencap of the best quotes from Stampede Blue and Canal Street Chronicles. Tomorrow I’ll put in the more level-headed version of WTLAS. Beware though there is some swearing and if I’m too lazy to copy the comments then I’m too lazy to censor everything.

New Orleans: Pierre Garcon Scores First Touchdown of the Game

Indianapolis: Pierre Garcon Scores First Touchdown of the Game

At this point I was expecting the Saints to score a touchdown on their next possession. Of course they kicked a field goal instead and dashed those hopes. However Garcon would later drop a crucial 3rd down pass with the score 10-3, and it is seen as a major turning point in the game. It pales in comparison to….

New Orleans: Saints Recover Onside Kick to Start 2nd Half

Indianapolis: Saints Recover Onside Kick to Start 2nd Half

Sean Payton has balls. Jim Caldwell does not. I had a slight feeling that Payton would try something like this during the game but not to start the 2nd half. Perhaps he had little confidence in his defense to stop Indy after the first few possessions, and that influenced his decision to perform the onside kick. Everyone except Hank Baskett was caught off guard for Indy. Hank Baskett couldn’t catch the ball.

Indianapolis: Joseph Addai Gives Colts 17-13 Lead

Joseph Addai only shows up in the Super Bowl. Otherwise he is dormant as a rusher for 16 solid regular season games.

New Orleans: Jeremy Shockey Scores Go-Ahead Touchdown

I wonder why the Saints didn’t run this when they went for it on 4th and goal in the 2nd quarter? Seems like a surefire success provided Shockey catches the ball.

Indianapolis: Tracy Porter Seals the Deal

New Orleans: Tracy Porter Seals the Deal

I do believe. Peyton Manning didn’t choke. Tracy Porter made a great play and Reggie Wayne did not come back for the ball. It was a recipe for disaster and the Saints clinched the Super Bowl. I kept having visions that one of these QBs would throw a pick 6 and I kept thinking Brees. Well you watched the game, right?

Wednesday will feature a proper WTLAS looking at how the Colts are coping with defeat.


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