NBC Making Me Hate Their Olympic Coverage Already

Before I put up the current Winter Olympics commentators thread I had recently taken down the old Summer Olympics Commentators list from 2008, which featured 30+ comments almost solely dedicated to how badly NBC sucked at covering the Olympics. Tomorrow the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver will commence, and I’m forced to watch NBC. Why? Because CBC lost their rights to rivals CTV, and Comcast does not carry that particular channel.

NBC wasted no time in irritating an entire region of the country by ONCE AGAIN tape delaying the majority of their coverage.

You’d think that because we’re in the same time zone as Vancouver, we’d have that ever-so-rare privilege of enjoying Olympic coverage live. But you’d be wrong, because NBC Sports president Dick Ebersol and his cronies consider us a bunch of idiots.

See, according to NBC, we don’t want to watch the Olympics live. The evidence is right here in this 678-page volume on “demographics” and other material that has no basis in reality. Apparently, we want everything placed into a neat little package in prime time.

There will be some live daytime coverage, but the heart of NBC’s telecasts will be nighttime packages starting at 8 p.m. on weeknights – and that’s East Coast time. The time slots also apply to West Coast, meaning we get a three-hour delay. Isn’t that special?

You want to know what is really fun? I live 2.5 hours from Vancouver via I-5. That’s right. I am 150 miles away from the actual location of the 2010 Winter Olympics. And yet here I am watching events 2.5 hours from my location on NBC’s stupid tape delay.

CTV isn’t doing tape delay in case you’re wondering, and they are a private network. Neither is the BBC, a channel who couldn’t give two turds about TV ratings because they aren’t a private company.

I have extremely low expectations from NBC this year. The fact that I can’t watch these things live (and don’t even bother with streams because I guarantee NBC will smash them down) or see it on Youtube is maddening.

Friday night I’m expecting everything that I witnessed two years ago. The floor IS my ceiling for NBC.


21 thoughts on “NBC Making Me Hate Their Olympic Coverage Already

  1. JFein

    Another stroke of NBC brillance: the USA and Canada game will be relegated to MSNBC while NBC shows ice dancing, women’s speedskating, men’s freestyle skiing and men’s giant slalom.

    To quote Conan O’Brien singing about NBC: “Morons. Incompetent Morons. These people are morons.”

    Seriously. The idiocy of the NBC brass never ceases me to amaze me.

  2. Juan

    NBC SUCKS, there’s a reason why they don’t enjoy the ratings that they used to. No west coast live feed for opening ceremonies. Shame on you, NBC. Clearly, your upper management, has no understanding of viewer behavior. You could have double dipped, by providing commercials for your online streaming or having it on one of your cable nets live and still showing the tape delay on NBC. Instead, we will TIVO it and skip through all the commercials……way to go, NBC. YOU SUCK and you know it!

    1. Mookie Post author

      The funny thing is many households now have Tivo or some form of a recording device. Just that alone is justification for airing it live, instead of “waiting for the viewers to come home”.

  3. Jon

    I hate NBC. They say they’ll begin coverage of the Olympic Opening Ceremony beginning at 7:30 pm. Now I find out they’ll show it at 9:00 pm. Ending at 12 midnight. Meanwhile, my friends close by in Bellingham have been watching a Canadian Channel CTV and the Opening Ceremony has been broadcasting for the past couple hours. We used to always watch on the Canadian Channel CBC we get, but this year a different Canadian channel carrying the olympics. Darn. NBC coverage is so slow, and they’re just talk, talk, talk. So UNBELIEVABLY frustrating!!! The Canadian channels are always so much better than NBC. We had been led to believe that the Opening Ceremony would begin at 7:30 – why on earth would they say that and then only begin to hand it over to us at 9:00 pm ???? Frauds. So now we’re just watching America’s Funniest Videos until NBC’s lousy coverage begins at 9.

    1. Mookie Post author

      I’ve toggled back and forth between NBC’s “coverage” and the college basketball game on ESPN. I saw Cris Collinsworth interviewing Shaun White and promptly switched back.

      1. JFein

        It was supposed to be a tribute to Haiti. Sadly it flunked and had Justin Bieber in it.

        The ceremony itself is not awful. I must say though, Bob Costas using the word “quixotic” in describing Andorra’s failed bid for these olympics made me laugh.

          1. JFein

            As much as I want to, I won’t spoil anything for you, other than Bob Costas managed to integrate the word “quixotic” in this broadcast.

          2. Mookie Post author

            Just heard him say it for Andorra. Humorous.

            Do these guys have an encyclopedia right next to them? This is better than the Summer debacle, but I still can’t convince myself that this is decent coverage. Costas and Lauer are driving me insane.

  4. Anonymous

    Booooooo to tape delay! I’m in San Francisco. I kept hearing 7:30 on the radio all day. But I got it at 9. I ended up watching pre-Olympic coverage. Lied to? Yep.

    Who’s the guy doing the athlete interviews? He WAS NOT NICE at all. Why all the hard personal questions? I would be offended if I were asked some of the questions and told some of the comments. I wouldn’t ask two teammates if ‘they’re glad they aren’t a couple’. Insulting? I’ll leave that to you.

    Time for Letterman on CBS. Bye bye NBC.

  5. Anonymous

    NBC’s Olympic coverage sucks (as usual). They showed the luge accident over and over again without any warnings which I found incredibly disrespectful. And their limited live coverage drives me nuts. There is something about watching a sports event live that can’t be replicated with a tape-delayed broadcast. Just right now the men’s downhill competition is going on and the only available live coverage is an online blog. Pathetic…

  6. Anonymous

    Can it get any worse?

    Last night I was watching the men’s moguls, and they showed two US competitors full runs and replays as they fell and were not even given scores.

    They go to commercial, and come back and show a small clip of Canadian Vincent Marquis’ run which put him in first place at the time. So two guys fell, and you let me see if 4 times, but this guy is in first and I can’t even get a look at his entire run?!?! Way to kill the suspense! Clearly the guy isn’t going to win in the end since you didn’t even show his entire run. But so what, even if he doesn’t end up winning, I’d rather get to see the entire run of the guy who finishes 4th and skip a few US skiers who couldn’t stay on their skis.

    Men’s downhill was delayed a few times and is finally happening, but I can’t watch it because they’re showing me QUALIFIERS for the snowboarder cross. Look, snowboarder cross is fun too, I want to see that, but it’s a qualifier. Downhill is one run for all the glory.

    Maybe they’re holding out for bigger audiences tonight, but I got news for you NBC, they came up with this thing called the internet, and ESPN is showing live results of the downhill on their front page, so I’m going to have NO interest in watching your tape-delayed soap opera montage downhill later.

    It comes down to this. Sports is sports. It’s great because competition leads to its own drama. It doesn’t happen every time, but I tune in hoping I get to catch some awesome finish LIVE. I don’t need you to build it up anymore than it is. If there is nothing amazing in an event fine, it doesn’t happen everytime. But don’t make a soap opera story and script the whole thing. If I wanted that I’d watch wrestling. I used to watch the Olympics to see what great athletes bring to the table when they’ve prepared four years for something. WIth your terrible coverage NBC, I think you’ve turned me off to the whole thing.


  7. ahengel

    I agree 100% NBC screwed up the mens downhill coverage. The men’s downhill is one of the most exciting events of the winter Olympics, yet NBC managed to get in only 20 minutes of coverage. I waited four years for this?! NBC you SUCK!

  8. Jean Schwartz

    The coverage of the Vancouver Olympics stinks!!! Too many commercials and way too late to watch. Who wants to see it hours after it happened? Who stays up till 1 a.m. to finish watching ice skating??? Please, people…wake up and cover it live with one intermission for commercials.

  9. LetMae

    The coverage of the olympics stinks. No medal ceremonies til maybe 2 a.m. BUT they can show polar bears in prime time!!

  10. brenda landry

    Bob Costas talks way to much, over top of ceremonies, other announcers and the guest in the studio. Then he forgets the name of one of the announcers who has been working with him for atleast 8 years (chris Collingsworth)

    he ruins the who vibe. NBC has done a horrible job showing the events. Jumping back and forth, not giving scores, they want to keep people watching so they split up when you see the events. That is just wrong. More people would watch if they were in some coherent order. I watch MSNBC coverage it is better and curling is now interesting.

  11. Robert Corona

    Broadcast planning for the Olympics was very poor. Spent a lot of time trying to figure out at what time the opening ceremonies were. Announcers for NBC are terrible. Cutting away at crucial moments for commercials or ridiculous commentary. Let the athletes do the talking with their performances. No one wants to hear what Costas, Veira, or Michele Obama have to say. NBC jobs should role for this disgraceful broadcast. Worst ever. Poor organization and priority. Tape delay is a big mistake.

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