NBC Isn’t Even Trying

I can’t even come up with a creative title for how bad NBC is at handling even 50 minutes of airing the actual Olympics Opening Ceremony. The event itself is enthralling. Thus far Vancouver has put on a dazzling display of Aboriginal cultures introducing the athletes for….oh wait this is a tape delay. I guess most of you have already seen it.

Well I’ll keep watching for the Olympic spirit in me, but Bob Costas (whom I happen to like) and Matt Lauer are absolutely terrible. It’s just non-stop stupid, pointless, irrelevant facts and chatter. Andorra is 1/6 the size of Rhode Island, don’t you know?

The Australian flag bearer is getting married after the games. Her parents saved up the money to go to the wedding and not Vancouver. Who cares?

These two have barely taken the time to shut up during the country introductions. I totally understand I have to lower my expectations after watching the last two Olympics on the CBC, but as I said yesterday the floor IS their ceiling.

I’m dreading the next two weeks as far as watching on TV. The mute button shall be heavily exercised.


2 thoughts on “NBC Isn’t Even Trying

  1. JFein

    Come on! You gotta at least give Bob Costas props for using the word “quixotic”. Even if he was putting down Andorra for daring to submit a bid to host these Olympics….

    1. Mookie Post author

      Yeah he gets credit for that. Now if only he and Lauer would stop spewing rigmarole maybe then I wouldn’t consider them to be boring.


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