I Repeat, NBC Isn’t Even Trying

People make mistakes everyday. NBC treats mistakes as if they are the main part of their daily operations. During The Today Show the hosts Meredith Vieira and Matt Lauer spent their time wondering who would light the cauldron during Friday’s opening ceremonies. Vieira suggested Betty Fox, son of legendary Canadian cross-country runner Terry Fox. He attempted to run across Canada despite having lost his right leg to bone cancer (which he would later succumb to). Unfortunately he did not complete his run once it was discovered the cancer had spread to his lungs.

Vieira thought of someone else….

I guarantee NBC is going to take this down soon so here’s a quick recap:

* Vieira says Betty Fox’s son is Michael Fox.

* The NBC graphics department not only puts up Terry Fox’s photo, but proceeds to show a picture of Michael J. Fox afterwards!

That’s terrible across the board. It’s her job to get Terry Fox’s name right, and it’s the technical people who should be ashamed that they even thought about putting Michael J. Fox up there. Inexcusable.

Only two more weeks of disasters like this to go!


One thought on “I Repeat, NBC Isn’t Even Trying

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