Obligatory NBC Bashing Post

Dear NBC,

In the middle of a close curling match between the US and Japanese women on CNBC, you knew that it would overlap the start time for Canada/Norway. I understand the US is involved so it makes more sense to air the rest of the curling.

I thank you for waiting several minutes after the game started to air Canada/Norway on MSNBC after the US women’s team whipping the Russians in hockey. Cool!

Okay the curling ended, so now you can seamlessly transfer your MSNBC feed to CNBC, right? Nope. You decided to cut off the MSNBC feed in time for Countdown with Keith Olbermann while CNBC was still running commercials. As a result we missed several minutes of hockey.

I loathe your network very much. Don’t ever get your hands on sports again.


The United States of America


Sound off.....

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