NBC’s Olympic Coverage is Horrid: Part 90,006

It’s almost become a sport to complain about the appalling display of NBC’s Olympics television broadcasting.

Watching the 2 hour block from 3-5 PM on the main network, NBC hasn’t aired one “live” event. Instead we’ve been subjected to:

* A replay of Evan Lysacek’s gold-medal winning performance in the figure skating.

* An interview with Lysacek.

* Some remarkably dumb fluff piece about Canada’s apparent love for hockey.

* For reasons I can’t comprehend, more talk about Tiger Woods after his apology took over American network television this morning.

* A scintillating story on little Canadian kids learning to ski at such a young age.

* The wacky weatherman from The Weather Channel perched on top of some sort of cage next to a building in Downtown Vancouver.

* Another interview, this time with the women’s moguls team from the USA.

* Lead up to today’s women’s cross-country skiing.

They showed the actual skiing at 3:58 PM PT. The broadcast ends at 5:00 PM.

Words fail me. No country should be tortured like this.


One thought on “NBC’s Olympic Coverage is Horrid: Part 90,006

  1. James Craven

    I hope Fox, CBS or ESPN on ABC ABC gets the next olympiads to be bid upon this year for 2014 and 2016. NBC are douchenozzles.


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