Canada Nicely Allows United States to Win Hockey Game


Thank you, Canada. Just when I thought the US was about to give up a 4-2 lead in just 3 minutes, Corey Perry gladly allowed Ryan Kesler (Vancouver Canucks represent!) to stick the puck in the back of Canada’s empty net to seal a 5-3 victory.

The US gets a bye to the quarterfinals while Canada has to play in the 5-12 seed knockout stage. They will face Russia in the quarterfinals if they do win.

In a game where the US was outplayed for most of the match, Martin Brodeur stuck out his helping pad to allow two howlers for goals. You’re a legend for the Devils and for your country, and now a hero for us.

When Kesler made the game 5-3 he subsequently caused NBC announcer Mike Emrick to let out one of the weirdest and loudest shrieks anyone has ever heard.

To be serious for a moment, what a fantastic game of hockey. It’s everything you could ask for in a rivalry. Hats off to Canada for throwing everything they could in the final few minutes, but it wasn’t enough. Why? Because Ryan Miller is the man. He saved the US’ bacon many times tonight. Now the road to the gold medal just got significantly tougher.

Hopefully the US fans and players alike realize this was only a preliminary game and we shouldn’t act as if we pulled off the greatest upset ever. There is still work to be done so celebrate tonight and get ready for the quarterfinals.


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