NBC Showing Ski Cross Instead of Live Hockey

Chalk up another stupid decision by NBC. With a live hockey game between the Czech Republic and Russia airing as I type this, NBC decided to tape delay that, too.

What are they airing instead? The consistent ratings grabber that is SKI CROSS! That’s right. On a Sunday afternoon in the middle of the day, NBC is not going to air a crucial hockey game live coast-to-coast. Ski cross is going to get the attention for the next 2.5 hours and anyone living in the Mountain Time Zone westward will not be getting it live. When the game airs at 3 PM PT it will overlap the US/Canada live game on MSNBC at 4:30 PM.

I don’t see how anyone can justify NBC’s decisions now. This is indefensible stuff from the only network airing the Winter Olympics in the US.


3 thoughts on “NBC Showing Ski Cross Instead of Live Hockey

  1. JG

    Good game live on east coast. Actually showed almost all of the biatholon race was shown live, race only lasted 35 min interrupted by commercials 3 times couldnt you bunch commercials before an after ?

    When Russia / Czech was over got a 30 min piece on Miracle on ice. No other competition to show, I guess. And Sweden / Finland at midnight eastern. Three marquee hockey matchups today, people on one side will only get to see two of them.
    Why wasnt one of these games scheduled for yesterday ?

    Actually dont mind US / Canada on M(ust) S(how) N(othing) B(ut) C(urling), wont be interrupted by “breaking” news, like a figure skater breaking a nail. Not like hockey doesnt hvae built in breaks where other competition can be shown.

    And the only sporting option now: NASCAr on Fox, wheres the mute ?


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