This is Why We Watch NBC

…..To see Bob Costas on an airplane talking with Al Michaels and making jokes about the movie “Snakes on a Plane”. Thank you, NBC! This is what I wanted! None of that silly Olympics sporting events, crap! Why was this only 7 minutes long? Thats the thing with you, NBC. You’re like a fantastic mystery writer…..always leaving the viewer clamoring for more.

Curse you for interrupting this masterpiece with commercials! I don’t need stupid montages, I need more Costas! How dare you deny me of this comedic, artistic, and fantastic work of art!

Just when I thought my tour of BC had stopped watching the Travel Channel, Costas informs me that the capital of this province is indeed Victoria. Illuminating stuff. Never before have I been this drunk with such important knowledge for an event that is sports-based?

More stuff like this and NBC will be climbing out of 4th in no time!


Sound off.....

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