SportsCenter Gets Pranked by Captain Janks

Yesterday the Philadelphia Eagles “released” Brian Westbrook after 8 seasons, one day after the Chargers released LaDainian Tomlinson. Neither of these moves will be official until March. Anyways, ESPN picked up on this Westbrook story on SportsCenter last night and called him personally to get his thoughts on getting the ax. Or so they thought.

ESPN will likely take this moment of embarrassment down later today, but enjoy it while you can. Notorious prank caller “Captain Janks”, a massive Howard Stern fan, managed to bypass ESPN’s inept phone screener(s) and get on live TV to impersonate Westbrook. In the end Janks finished with “worshiping the prostate of Howard Stern”. It’s hilarious stuff, but it isn’t nearly as funny as the fact that ESPN didn’t notice this.

Captain Janks is a white guy making no attempt at imitating Westbrook’s voice. How did the people behind the scenes at ESPN not stop this? Someone has to get fired because there is no excuse for allowing this to happen. But in the end, we’re all glad it actually did make its way to live television.

Captain Janks has some unrelated legal problems to deal with, so he won’t have much more time to make these glorious prank calls.


2 thoughts on “SportsCenter Gets Pranked by Captain Janks

  1. JFein

    My favorite parts of the video (aside from the actual prank):

    1. SVP’s “Hi, YouTube” remark before Levy took over.

    2. Levy’s earpiece falling out right at the very end of the video.


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