Pac-10 Desperately Wanting to Become One Bid Conference

Tonight the Arizona State Sun Devils and the Washington Huskies are playing for their NCAA Tournament lives. Washington is playing #6 seeded Oregon State while Arizona State is playing #7 seeded Stanford.

Arizona State is currently down by double digits to lowly Stanford. This is a game that if they lose, would knock them to the NIT. Technically that should be good news for the Washington Huskies….it is and it isn’t. It is in the fact that it makes Washington’s chances of getting to the Pac-10 title game pretty easy, but it’s a detriment in that it puts a dent in their resume as far as “quality opponents” they’ve beaten. Arizona State possibly losing tonight could knock the Huskies’ RPI down a bit and maybe that could make it more likely that Lorenzo Romar’s team absolutely needs to win the conference tournament to get into the dance.

There are 7 minutes left in LA and Stanford is up 53-43 on Arizona State. We’ll see what happens in the final moments of the game because this result has a massive affect on both teams.


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