My Tentative March Madness Posting Schedule

I hope you enjoyed Championship Week as much as I did (HUSKIES! HUSKIES! HUSKIES!), but now the brackets are out and Washington plays Marquette. Should be a good game played in San Jose. Duke got an easy bracket as part of being an undeserving #1 seed. That is an absolutely bogus draw they got.

Now, I’ve carefully planned out (AKA “thrown together”) the week of festivities as we edge closer to tip-off of the 2010 NCAA Tournament. Over the next few days you’ll see:

* Monday – How accurate was Joe Lunardi’s bracket? had so much fun doing this project last year that I’m going to give it another shot this year!

* Monday – March Madness Simulated! Last year Louisville topped Gonzaga to win the simulated version of March Madness. Of course, neither of these teams made it to the real championship game. I will need one volunteer to help me simulate every game and have this complete by Thursday. I’ll begin with the East region results.

* Tuesday – March Madness Simulated (Midwest region) results.

* Wednesday – March Madness Simulated (South and West region) results.

* Wednesday – Washington/Marquette prediction.

* Thursday morning – March Madness Simulated (Final Four and Nat’l Championship Game) results.

* Monday (March 22nd) – Battle of the Losers 2010 Draw. It’s the 3rd annual simulated tradition where the teams eliminated in the 1st round get sent to another tournament to see who was the best team to go home in the round of 64. Will Minnesota advance to the 2nd round or will they have a shot at defending their title? This year I will simulate the tourney concurrently with the real one and will be completed on Final Four weekend.

Let the madness begin! There will be more to come and look for announcements at the top of the page if you want to join any live-blogging goodness.


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