Seattle Seahawks Make Me Angry…..Again

Darryl Tapp, our best pass rusher, was signed to a one year tender yesterday. The Seahawks released Deon Grant as a result. Today, he got traded to the Philadelphia Eagles for Chris Clemons and a 4th round draft pick.

That’s a friggin horrible crappy useless trade. Patrick Kerney, Colin Cole, and Craig Terrill should never be a part of Seattle’s starting defensive line ever again, and the Seahawks traded away a promising DE about to hit his peak. The return? Chris Clemons. He’s not really that good and he’s been injured.

I’m not even going to bother to put in any effort looking at the positives and negatives for the Seahawks as a result of this trade. Why? Because other than a draft pick, there is none.

Get ready for the Eric Berry/Derrick Morgan draft. We are in desperate need of a pass rush and gave up our best one.


Anger rising.


2 thoughts on “Seattle Seahawks Make Me Angry…..Again

  1. JFein

    I like it when the Eagles purge the Seahawks of their best players. It worked out well last year. It got a bad player off our team this year. In the future, maybe it can win us a Super Bowl! ;-)

    1. Mookie Post author

      The best ex-Eagle we came up with was Billy McMullen.

      I’m not liking this trade off.

      I can totally see Carroll trading Josh Wilson (our best DB) to Philly for a 6th rounder.


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