Seahawks Trade A Lot For Career NFL Backup QB

It’s not worth writing another 500 word rant about the Seattle Seahawks. Today Seattle traded their 2nd round pick in the 2010 draft and their 2011 3rd round pick for San Diego Chargers backup QB Charlie Whitehurst and their 2010 2nd rounder.

Seattle just gave up a 3rd rounder and dropped 20 spots down in the 2nd round to get a 28-year-old backup who has NEVER thrown a pass in an NFL regular season game and hasn’t been in a reg. season contest since 2006. Whitehurst signed a 2 year deal worth $10 million as part of this deal.

That’s not a trade AT ALL used to get a backup QB. Pete Carroll obviously sees something in Whitehurst (which is preseason and his Clemson days) that makes him Matt Hasselbeck’s potential successor.

If this fails then Carroll immediately is given a black mark. It amazes me that this team actually gave up so much for an August veteran.

I’m going to let this play out and he better be getting real playing time THIS YEAR. There is not much more that can be said. Right now this team is going backwards really really quickly. If management sees it fit to trade away Darryl Tapp for pennies and rid themselves of draft picks/positioning for Whitehurst, then they might as well be slightly better than the Oakland Raiders.


3 thoughts on “Seahawks Trade A Lot For Career NFL Backup QB

  1. JFein

    You really need to put things in perspective here, Mookie. The Washington Redskins signed Rex Grossman earlier today. At least things are not that bad for you and your Seahawks.


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