Northern Iowa Charged With Killing Millions of Brackets

Oh sweet sweet bracket why did you have to go so young? Usually I’m doomed by the Sweet 16 but today my bracket didn’t last past Saturday night. The #1 overall seeded Kansas Jayhawks lost 69-67 to #9 seeded Northern Iowa, thus killing the majority of this country’s tournament brackets. Thank you for officially putting my bracket out of its misery. No longer will Kansas/West Virginia be happening in this household.

Well done to UNI for pulling off the shocker of the tournament and the first upset of a #1 seed in the 2nd round since 2004. Ali Faroukmanesh has just won himself keys to the city by twice hitting back-breaking three point shots in March Madness. Onwards to St. Louis you go.

In other news……….HUSKIES TO THE SWEET 16!!!! WOOHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YES! YES! YES!


4 thoughts on “Northern Iowa Charged With Killing Millions of Brackets

  1. James Craven

    Only nine-tenths of one percent had Northern Iowa in the Sweet Sixteen accoridng to the ESPN Bracket Challenge.

    1. Mookie Post author

      Pretty effective as a tackle but don’t think he’s that great at end, but that’s a 4-3.

      He’s going to a 3-4 defense so let’s wait and see. For a big guy he’s quite athletic and is a pretty cheap and reliable replacement for Dwan Edwards.


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