One More Reason to Loathe the Spurs

It’s bad enough the Spurs are so dull, but they’re aging team and obvious decline shouldn’t involve losing to the Nets! That’s right, one of the best teams in the 2000s just gave the New Jersey Nets their 10th win of the season, thus avoiding the worst ever record in NBA history of 9-73. The Philadelphia 76ers team of 1972-73 cab raise the champagne glasses because they remain the worst NBA team of all-time.

I know San Antonio didn’t have Manu Ginobili and Tony Parker, but the Nets are a special kind of bad that the first five off the bench (which features the very good Dejuan Blair) could beat New Jersey. The Nets shot 36% in this game and won by 6.

The Spurs era has definitely ended.

Now the only reason to follow the NBA for the remainder of the season is solely the hope that the Cavaliers make the Finals.


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