Seahawks Re-Sign Brian Russell

Fire Pete Carroll. There is no justifiable reason to bring someone as awful as Brian Russell to play free safety again. Today the Seahawks addressed their safety issues by signing Brian Russell to a 1 year, $2 million deal that would make him starting free safety once again over Jordan Babineaux. With Deon Grant released last month, the Seahawks have moved Big Play Babs to strong safety. Lawyer Milloy…..whom I didn’t know was even still on the roster was also put on the chopping block today as a result of the safety reshuffling.

B-Russ was a free agent after short stints in Jacksonville and Houston in the 2009 season. Jim Mora and Tim Ruskell combined forces to cut him at the end of preseason……but Pete Carroll and his pretend GM John Schneider must have thought  that was the turning point of the season and the real reason why the Seahawks plummeted to 5-11 after an undefeated August and a shutout of the Rams.

If this is how Carroll wants to “win now” then I won’t even wait until the draft. This man is a great gameday coach but the Seahawks are not going to succeed with Charlie Whitehurst, Chris Clemons. I’m now totally uncomfortable with what’s going to happen come late April. I fear the Seahawks are not willing to keep Babineaux long term and would draft Taylor Mays in a heartbeat. Eric Berry begone!

After the jump please relive (or in my case weep) the best of B-Russ as a Seahawk….because we’ve got to go through this whole ordeal all over again.

BOOM! Thanks for playing. But since I don’t want to leave you hanging, we should relive one of the finer moments in Brian Russell’s career.


3 thoughts on “Seahawks Re-Sign Brian Russell

    1. Mookie Post author

      This offseason has been so horrendous (and it’s only April) that I think I’ve wasted all of my rage.

      The sheer thought of B-Russ coming back for our inevitable 3-13 season actually seems enticing come to think of it…..


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