Blind Linesman Helps Chelsea to Victory

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This morning the Premier League game of the season was played at Old Trafford between 1st place Manchester United and 2nd place Chelsea. The winner of this game would be in prime position to win the title with just a few weeks left in the season. Chelsea won 2-1 and outclassed a side without Wayne Rooney. They also had some extraordinary help on their 2nd goal. As you can see in the above slideshow there are two angles that give you indisputable fact that Didier Drogba was offside before he scored to seal victory. The second screenshot shows Drogba was miles past the two centerbacks when the ball from Solomon Kalou was played through to his fellow Ivorian.

I know refs are human and blah blah blah but the linesman has a CLEAR LINE OF SIGHT and he missed Drogba straying past everyone before the pass was made. The goal should have been disallowed.

To be fair and to show I’m not biased, Federico Macheda’s goal just minutes later for Manchester United shouldn’t have counted either as the ball had hit his arm before going over the goal line.

All things considered, Chelsea’s opener was perfectly legal and Joe Cole’s deft touch was magnificent. However if both goals had been disallowed the rest of the match could’ve seen a very different outcome.

Drogba’s goal won’t be deemed as one that robbed Manchester United of at least a draw, because Chelsea could easily say Macheda’s goal shouldn’t have counted either, but it is a big missed call that could bring the Premier League trophy back to Stamford Bridge.

The only way this day can get worse is if Duke wins tonight in the Final Four….


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