Duke 61 Butler 59….Blue Devils Take the Title

Too good to be true. It had every potential to be a Fairy Tale ending. Butler hits the winning half court shot in front of the pro-Butler fans to knock off the hated Duke Blue Devils in the National Championship Game. Instead, Gordon Hayward’s shot bounced off of the front rim and the bad guys were victorious. Only, I almost don’t care. The game was so great that there really didn’t deserve to be a loser (As cliched as that sounds). When has a title game ever been played within 6 points? Hate Duke all you want but for once they won fair and square, without controversy, and played a tough game to claim their 4th title in school history.

Butler was just as good, and were a prayer shot away from pulling off one more dramatic “upset” in a tournament filled with them. They never gave up and were so so close to a dream ending. Congratulations to the Bulldogs on a phenomenal season but they came up inches short.

Congratulations to Duke on a great victory in an epic title game. The Blue Devils were the one team that broke Butler’s “60 point barrier” and that ended up being the difference.

I think I’m mentally spent watching that game and my ears are in pain after listening to Jennifer Hudson’s One Shining Moment cover. See you tomorrow as we finish off Battle of the Losers 2010 and maybe if I’m lucky I’ll find some videos from this instant classic.


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