Eagles Dump McNabb to Division Rival

If there was ever a trade where I can’t figure out which team is better off, it’s this one. At long last the Philadelphia Eagles got rid of QB Donovan McNabb in a blockbuster trade. I guess the division rival Washington Redskins came out with the best deal and the FO said to go for it.

The Philadelphia Eagles traded McNabb to the Washington Redskins for a pair of draft picks on Sunday night. The Eagles will receive a second-round pick (37th overall) in this month’s NFL Draft and either a third- or fourth-round pick next year.

The trade is the boldest move to date for new Redskins coach Mike Shanahan and could spell the end in Washington for Jason Campbell, the starter for 3½ seasons. Shanahan already has signed free agent Rex Grossman as a backup and has been actively scouting the top quarterbacks available in the draft, when the Redskins will have the No. 4 overall pick.

“I’m really excited about my future with the Washington Redskins,” McNabb said in a statement. “I’m eager to work with Coach Shanahan. He’s been a very successful coach with a couple of Super Bowl victories on his resume. While it’s been my goal to win a Super Bowl in Philadelphia, we came up short. I enjoyed my 11 years here and we shared a lot more good times than bad.”

Shanahan can only hope the 33-year-old McNabb works out as well as the last big-time Washington-Philadelphia quarterback deal. The Eagles in 1964 sent Sonny Jurgensen to the Redskins, where he played 11 seasons until he was 40 and became a Hall of Famer.

How many draft picks does Philly have for 2010? 155? That smells like a rebuild to me. I thought the Eagles could’ve gotten more than two draft picks. The Redskins are known to overpay for just about anyone so I think they could’ve easily gotten their #4 pick and not a 2nd and next year’s 3rd/4th. Actually, I find it hard to believe the Redskins gave them the best offer.

Kevin Kolb is now under the gun in Philly, whilst Jason Campbell is probably packing his bags. This could backfire on the Redskins if they don’t improve that porous offensive line, which continuously helped get Campbell destroyed on the field. McNabb is 33 and seems very hesitant to run like he used to, so any catastrophic injury likely means Rex Grossman comes in.

I just don’t think a team with so many holes should be looking to win immediately like Washington is clearly doing by trading for McNabb. Still, the consequences are low considering how little they gave up.

For what it’s worth, Kevin Kolb has got one or two years to succeed. In a similar prospect, so does Andy Reid. Kolb has been given more than enough time to learn from McNabb and he’s gotten a little taste of Andy’s “Why run the ball?” system and now he’s the big man come September. The once inseparable McNabb/Reid tandem is now done for and the former is the one out of the organization.

Dumping someone on the decline like Donovan was necessary, but not to the point where he affects where Philly stands in the NFC East 6 times per year, including twice against the Eagles.

Good luck in Washington, McNabb. You’ll need a lot of it. Also, you’ll need a running back who isn’t old and over-the-hill, an offensive line that can block, and a few wide receivers. If you get all of this then I GUARANTEE you’ll advance to the NFC Championship Game (and then lose).


3 thoughts on “Eagles Dump McNabb to Division Rival

  1. JFein

    I don’t know if this was in place of draft pick(s) or just in addition or what, but multiple sources had said that Albert Haynesworth was initially part of this deal. To which, I am glad the Eagles did not take him. On the football side, the Eagles need help on the defensive side of the ball, but not at DT, at least not in a major, overhaul, let’s trade McNabb for Haynesworth kind of way. On a personal level, I’ve always felt that Haynesworth was overrated and nowhere near worth the money the Redskins level. I don’t want him on my team nor do I think he is someone the Eagles need. When asked if this was the best deal on the table, Reid said this was the best deal for both parties involved, which certainly hints that there were better offers and it is coming out more and more that the Raiders and Bills wanted McNabb real badly, so it would not wholly shock me if one of those teams offered a first rounder and/or the Raiders were actually willing to trade Asomugha. That being said, the Eagles said over and over again they wanted to do right to McNabb and while it is gutsy and says a lot to trade him to a divisional rival like this, the Skins do not have the whole puzzle as you pointed out. They’ve upgraded over Campbell (1 week ago is there any football fan that would have said Campbell is a better QB than McNabb), but they don’t have the final puzzle complete in order to be a title contender yet.


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