Toronto FC Embarrass Themselves….Again

Is there any way Toronto FC can just end the season now and blow everything up? Because that’s how I feel after two games of utter crap from a 4th year MLS side with a history of mediocrity. Yesterday TFC went into New England having dumped Ali Gerba and seeing captain Jim Brennan retire and become the assistant GM to Mo Johnston. Believe it or not the Reds actually went up 1-0 at halftime via new captain Dwayne De Rosario’s header skipping past Revolution GK Preston Burpo. Nick Garcia, a noted whipping boy amongst the fans, delivered the cross that lead to the goal. Keep that in mind because he’s going to undo what was possibly the only good thing he’s ever done in his time with the club. It was a terrible first half to watch in terms of quality, but I’d take a lead at halftime in a place where TFC has never won.

Then the 2nd half happened…..

New England rookie striker Zach Schilawski equalized in the 47th minute on a diving header as he split past two TFC defenders to head home his first career MLS goal. Okay, that’s not a problem. The goal was coming and at this rate a point would be good.

Just 4 minutes later, Nick Garcia presented Zach Schilawski the ball by IDIOTICALLY giving it away in his own half. Garcia had possession, Schilawski pressured him, and Nicky had three options:

1.) Pass it back to the keeper.

2.) Clear it to either sideline.

3.) Pass it right to Schilawski in a botched clearance and give him a clear sight at goal.

Garcia chose option 3. For the 2nd week in a row (and for the umpteenth time in his TFC career) he has been responsible for giving the other team a goal. By then the game was on its way to being over, seeing as Toronto folds like a cheap tent when they’re behind. Schilawski would net his hat trick to cap off an 11 minute one man onslaught. Afterwards I stopped watching the game, and only this morning have I seen how Toronto conceded the 4th goal. Mo Johnston’s new signing Nane Joseph put in a horrid backpass and Sainey Nyassi made them pay.

At this point Mo has got one more game. This Thursday’s home opener against the Philadelphia Union is the game that should decide his fate.  I’m done watching poor football and I’m through with having the Matt Millen of MLS run the club I support. When you can’t construct a roster to have any stability two games into a season then you’re just clueless. As far as I’m concerned Nick Garcia could be the only reason to fire Mo. Trading for Garcia (who was with the San Jose Earthquakes) got him the rights to forward Ali Gerba. Not only has Mo dumped the out-of-shape and ineffective Gerba, but is locked in to a guaranteed contract with arguably the worst player to ever don a TFC jersey. The only way Garcia leaves is a contract buy-out. In all likelihood we’re stuck with him for a little while. That doesn’t mean though that coach Preki can’t BENCH THIS MAN NOW!!! He is such a liability and the fact he keeps getting starts — let alone play the final 90 minutes — regardless of the coach bothers me.

At this stage in an MLS expansion team’s progress they should be contending for a playoff spot, not looking as if they’re playing their first ever game every time they trot out onto the pitch.

Please fire Mo, bench Garcia….glue him to the bench and have him never play another game again. These two games are definitely indicative as to how the season will pan out unless there are changes made at the top.


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