Nick Garcia NOT in Toronto FC Starting Lineup

There is some sanity in Toronto FC. Nick Garcia will not be in TFC’s starting lineup against the Philadelphia Union today. The only bad news is he’s on the bench and that means he could STILL play. Hopefully TFC is up 7-0 at that point because putting Garcia in to defend could easily be worth 6 goals for the opposition.

As mentioned in the alert box above, the live blog starts at 4:00 PM but the pre-game chatter has begun. Please don’t be a troll and excuse me for sounding bitter if/when TFC loses and I start ranting.


2 thoughts on “Nick Garcia NOT in Toronto FC Starting Lineup

  1. Lavonna Peterson

    Unbelievable comment and unbelievable attitude. Nick Garcia is an excellent defender. He certainly can not do his job from the bench! What are you, jealous of Mr. Garcia?

    1. Mookie Post author

      You must be watching a Nick Garcia from an alternative dimension. There is video evidence every week he plays that he cannot play the position well. Preki obviously knows this.

      So in a way I am jealous. He’s got a guaranteed contract despite being inept at his job.


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