VIDEO: Post-Fight Melee at Strikeforce: Nashville

I’m not sure I want to rehash the story, so just go on and read this, watch the video that accompanies one of the worst nights for MMA on TV. A dismal Strikeforce card featuring 3 awful title fights (all going to decision) ends with an ugly brawl after the main event between Dan Henderson and Jake Shields.

Humiliating. I hope Strikeforce never gets another show. The fighters can go somewhere else (most of them to the UFC). Just end the madness.


12 thoughts on “VIDEO: Post-Fight Melee at Strikeforce: Nashville

  1. JFein

    “We are on national television.” – Gus Johnson. Sorry, that made me laugh. Was he still in the ring, or was he making that plea from an announce table.

    Am I the only one that finds it ironic that a brawl breaks loose at an MMA event? Isn’t fighting what MMA is about? ;-)

    1. Mookie Post author

      I think he was out of the ring. If you do some searching there’s a brilliant photo of him looking like he doesn’t want to be there.

      Of course Gus said “these things happen sometimes in MMA”.

      NO THEY DON’T!!!!!!! What MMA is he watching?

      1. JFein

        I don’t think it has anything to do with the MMA he is or is not watching, but just he is trying to playoff the embarrassing nature of the fight.

        Besides, Gus is not Joe Buck. He’s not going to call any of it a “disgusting act.”

        1. Mookie Post author

          It’s a terrible choice of words though. MMA is hardly like this and making a statement like that implies post-fight brawls happen many a times in the sport…that’s far from the case.

          Oh man I’d have loved to see Joe Buck on this.

  2. Bigdaddy

    Wow, I bet Dana was watching that and laughing his butt off. That doesn’t happen in MMA, at least not in the UFC. What do expect when you have unprofessional scumbags like the Diaz brothers at ringside.

    1. Mookie Post author

      Because Nate Diaz was involved I fully expect Dana White to punish him. It’s going to look bad for him if he doesn’t suspend him for taking part in this if not just cut him from the UFC.

      Dana’s Twitter account just had a smiley face afterwards when the melee happened.

  3. Anonymous

    WTF this was awesome!. I mean sure it may look bad BUT whether you like it or not it gets people talking about strikeforce….i mean there was nothing else to talk about the whole night.

    Really this was shield’s fault. Miller should have not been there but he was allowed in the cage and shield’s could have easily just blown him off. His camp doesn’t seem very honorable either. I mean it was one guy and these fool’s who are TRAINED fighter’s jumped him like he was waving a handgun around.

    Best MMA moment of 2010 LMAO!

      1. Anonymous

        Yeah it’s labeled bad press but people still make out. Shield’s is now somebody ppl will tune in for. Mayhem is somebody ppl usually tune in for, but now it’s like “what is he gonna do next?” . Coker seemed bother by it but not like dana would have been.

        If anything CBS’ reaction should tell you the story. Basically they said they will look at this like any other event and asses the situation. It all relies on rating’s and has nothing to do with the brawl. Interest is high now because of this and if the ratings are what CBS wants then there will be another event soon.

        Bottom line…yeah it bother’s certain ppl and it would sure as hell bother the UFC….ppl pay to see the ultimate league of MMA sportmanship. They DO NOT pay to see strikeforce on CBS so a little drama here and there is problably considered a plus to generate interest.

        1. Mookie Post author

          I doubt that. Even if people were to tune in just to watch Shields they’d realize he’s a really dull lay-and-pray fighter.

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