Toronto FC Suck a Whole Lot and Lose…..Again

I’m probably not going to waste much more writing time to this pathetic club. Other than a penalty kick from Dwayne De Rosario (our only goal scorer this season) TFC did not register a shot on goal. Don’t let the 3-1 scoreline fool you, this was a horrible game to watch and the goals consisted entirely of penalty kicks and one free kick from the Colorado Rapids. Go to the tape and see incompetence in action in front of maybe 500 people in the stands…(after the jump)

Some interesting “penalties” referee Ricardo Salazar gave to Colorado. Classic MLS refereeing.And yes, Julian De Guzman JUMPED OUT OF THE WAY on the go-ahead goal from the Rapids. It’s a wall for crying out loud! Block that shot and not let him get a free path to the net. That’s a wasted DP signing from our beleaguered GM.

I’m pretty sure the Seattle Sounders will maul us this Sunday and that will officially end the Mo Johnston era. Maybe. At this point it’s starting to feel like he’s going to be here for all eternity.

One more thing…..that is indeed Marcelo Balboa doing color commentary on this debacle. Let’s leave it at that.


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