My Approved Seattle Seahawks Draft List

The NFL Draft is tonight and this is the most nervous I’ve been as a Seahawks fan knowing that new management has two top 15 draft picks to play with. What I was hoping for was decent free agent signings and a purging of the roster, in which several older players see the door. Instead young talents like Darryl Tapp and Rob Sims all went somewhere else. So far Seattle’s biggest offseason signing is Quinton Ganther. Whooooooo. Meanwhile, Craig Terrill is still here. Leroy Hill is probably a goner after his latest arrest so the Seahawks are coming into tonight with SEVERAL needs. This isn’t going to be fixed even with a bunch of high draft picks. The Seahawks are in rebuild whether Pete Carroll knows it or not. If he wants to “win now” with this current roster then he’ll be “gone soon” come January 2011.

With this not-so-spectacular offseason in mind, management can make up for everything with a very good draft. The first round is obviously the most important, with picks #6 and #14 in their hands. If management wants to make me happy, I will give them my approved list of players they can select at #6 and #14 respectively.


Jimmy Clausen – QB (Notre Dame)

Sure why not? I’m up for seeing if THIS Notre Dame QB won’t bust like 3-4 of his notable predecessors in recent years. Matt Hasselbeck/Charlie Whitehurst/Mike Teel is an absolutely horrendous lineup of QBs. Clausen made a lot of impressive throws in his career and succeeded despite having Charlie Weis as his head coach. He doesn’t have a strong arm but I don’t care. I’d rather take a young guy with a not-so-strong arm than Matt Hasselbeck’s squirt gun 5 yard floaters. This pick is highly unlikely based on how much Seattle gave away in order to get Whitehurst. If they do draft Clausen, then I expect a QB competition between Hasselbeck and Teel during training camp and preseason. Loser gets cut.

Eric Berry – S (Tennessee)

Intelligent on the field, can jar you with brutal hits, has an eye for the football like a heat-seeking missile. Essentially, he’s the new Brian Russell Ed Reed. With SS Deon Grant gone and FS Jordan Babineaux just being a stopgap, the ‘Hawks are thin at the safety position. While it’s not wise to go after a safety in the top 10, I’m willing to make an exception. It’s either that or Pete Carroll caves and drafts Taylor Mays with the other draft pick.

Ndamukong Suh – DT (Nebraska)

If he drops to #6 it would be the greatest steal in the history of the draft. Suh can be on the same line with our other beast in Brandon Mebane (ME! BANE!).

Gerald McCoy – DT (Oklahoma)

I don’t know a ton about McCoy, but even if he sucks he can’t be worse than Colin Cole. If he’s the #2 rated DT in the class and he succeeds then…well….it’s a victory!


Charles Brown – OT (USC)

Fits Alex Gibbs’ blocking scheme well, knows Pete Carroll’s system, and could easily be Walter Jones’ replacement at left tackle. He could be a bit of a reach at #14 but he’s certainly not dropping to #60.

CJ Spiller – RB (Clemson)

I think you know why. Honestly I would like Charles Brown and I’d be pleased with the pick, but my mind is set on taking a running back to pair with Justin Forsett. In the process, Julius Jones is cut. Ohhhh man. Spiller and Forsett together. AND Spiller can return kicks the same way Forsett can’t. Special teams returns/RB combination would be set.

Derrick Morgan – DE (Georgia Tech)

Not having Darryl Tapp means Seattle officially has zero good pass rushers. The DE class isn’t that deep but I like what I’ve seen from Morgan. Carlos Dunlap is overrated and I believe Morgan’s strength and quickness off the snap is worth it at #14.

That’s all I have. Those 7 guys are acceptable at #6 and #14. I repeat #6 and #14 because I have a slight feeling they’re going to trade down and give up the latter pick. If they drop in the 20-26 range then Ryan Matthews is the ONLY option for me. He’s ridiculously good.

Draft starts tonight at 4:30 PM and I’ll have updates on the events surrounding the Seahawks, as well as Tim Tebow sporting an Oakland Raiders jersey.


One thought on “My Approved Seattle Seahawks Draft List

  1. Jay

    I was really impressed by Teel last preseason and I hope with a year under his belt he shows what he can do at QB. I was surprised the ‘Hawks traded Wallace with Hasselbeck oft injured and nearing the end of his career.


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