JaMarcus Russell Finally Released

This saddens me. Arguably the worst #1 overall draft pick in NFL history won’t be playing another snap with the Oakland Raiders. JaMarcus Russell has been cut from the team after three years of producing a new standard for being a terrible QB. The writing was on the wall when he showed up to mini-camp this year near 300 lbs.Via ESPN:

The Oakland Raiders released former No. 1 overall pick JaMarcus Russell on Thursday, ending a three-year tenure marked by his high salary and unproductive play on the field.

The decision came less than two weeks after Oakland acquired Jason Campbell from Washington to take over at quarterback and signifies that owner Al Davis finally lost patience with the immensely talented but unproductive player he drafted first overall in 2007 against the wishes of former coach Lane Kiffin.

Russell will now likely be considered one of the biggest draft busts in NFL history, joining Ryan Leaf, Ki-Jana Carter, Akili Smith and others on that list. He will have been paid more than $39 million by the Raiders, while producing only seven wins as a starter.

Russell showed up at last week’s minicamp, saying he would keep coming to work until told otherwise. He looked decent in the first of five practices last weekend but got less work as the weekend went on and the decision to cut ties was finally made.

The Raiders paid Russell more than $36 million through last season. They still owe him $3 million more but saved $6.45 million by not having him on the roster in 2010.

Bold emphasis is mine. It highlights why guaranteed money sucks and Al Davis doesn’t know what he’s doing. I’d certainly love to be terrible at my job for three years and get fired with that much money coming in. Russell may be gone but I doubt he would be complaining about the income he’s still getting.

For me he’s worse than Ryan Leaf. Statistically, Leaf is far worse than JaMarcus, but Russell was given way more money than Ryan ever did and performed even worse than him. Unlike Leaf, I don’t see Russell getting another job in the NFL. He’s only 25 but his career is pretty much done. Just like Leaf he is not an intelligent QB, and teams should realize that they shouldn’t even waste their time signing him for a preseason stint. Let him go to the UFL or something and struggle to play better than JP Losman.

If Alex Smith is hopeless this year then all of the California football teams will have completed a clean sweep of famous QB busts within the last decade.

Lucky for Russell, he isn’t making the big headlines of the day. A former NFL star and hall-of-famer got charged with his most disgusting and senseless crime yet.


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