Canucks Season Effectively Over

1-7. No, that’s not how I expect the Seahawks to start the season, that’s Alain Vigneault’s home record in the 2nd round of the NHL playoffs. The 7 was notched when the Chicago Blackhawks hung Vancouver for 7 and won by 3 goals tonight at GM Place.

Apparently benching Pavol Demitra wasn’t enough to offset the ridiculous penalties, inept penalty killing, and average power plays. They’re now down 3-1 and need to win twice in Chicago and once in Vancouver to advance to the next round. Alain Vigneault has never been past the 2nd round in his coaching career. Same thing for the Canucks since 1994.

Frustrating. Apparently none of my teams feel like showing up during important games this year. If Wigan Athletic stop Chelsea from winning the Premier League title then maybe 2010 won’t be a complete disaster.


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